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PRESSURE BIND is the new binding system using the metal channel as a binding mean.

It is the strongest binding system

The covers and pages are kept from the outside by the channel.

The Safest Binding System:
It doesn't punch, doesn't glue and even doesn't touch the document with the binding element. The pages are separated from the metal channel with covers, so you can bind originals of documents. You can easily de-bind them any time you need.

The Most Elegant Binding System:
The front wall of the channel is never deformed and it always looks perfect. The special protrusions help to centre the document and covers as well as to protect them against movements along the channel. Regardless of the type of covers you use, the metal channel always makes your document stiff and allows to put it on the shelf in the upright position.

The Most Flexible Binding System:
The front & back covers and the binding channel are separate. With the channel you can use cheap soft covers as well as the top elegant hard ones. Together with FOIL PRESS system you get incredible possibilities to customize covers as well as the backs of documents using MULTI PRESS, FOIL PRESS SYSTEM, PRESSURE BIND PBE 300 or PALM FOIL PRESS machines.
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