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Smile Pack
Fully hydraulic powered, programmable guillotine with safety system.
An ideal solution for medium to large volume digital & offest print companies.

Features - Titan Series

  • Menu-Driven LCD Screen
  • Computer Backgauge Control
  • LCD Digital Backgauge Position Indicator
  • Variable Mode Data Entry
  • 99 Channel, 9,801 Total Cut Memory
  • Memory Lockout
  • An Industry Exclusive - Light Touch Variable- Speed Pinpoint Backgauge Control
  • Push-Out Function
  • Computer Diagnostics


Thanks to Challenge‘s innovative computer engineering, the Titan models offer a 99-channel memory that stores up to 99 cuts per channel. Subsequent channels can be combined to increase program size. The Titan’s unique control system permits variable mode data entry. Enter data in inches (to 0.001”), millimeters (to 0.01 mm), or fractions (to nearest 1¼64”). You can also convert data from one system to another with just the touch of a button!
Menu-driven set-up and a light touch electronic keypad combine to simplify programming or editing each job. Channels, cut dimensions, and backgauge position are displayed on the LCD screen.

Knife changing is easy and quick, thanks to the slotted knife bar design. False clamp plate installation and removal is just as convenient because it’s handled from the front of the machine.


The keypad features an advanced, light touch variable-speed pinpoint backgauge control to quickly position stock. Depending on the portion of the pin-point control you touch, the backgauge moves forward or backward at varying speeds. Or, simply type in the desired position and press the “Send” key. The computer positions the backgauge prior to each cut for maximum productivity


The line-light cut position indicator projects a line of light to quickly and accurately position each cut, and aid programming of multiple-cut jobs.
For pre-cut clamping, such as holding slick stock or verifying cut position, the foot pedal safely gives the operator complete control of the clamp.


Since designing our first paper cutters in 1887, Challenge has become well known for building machines that last. The Titan’s solid cast iron and steel construction provides maximum durability. Our one inch thick solid cast tool grade aluminum table provides the strong work surface required in a production setting.


The system’s single hydraulic motor powers both clamp and knife, without any loss of power or accuracy.Clamp pressure is adjustable, so clamping force can be changed to match specific job requirements. The electronic clamp pressure control (standard 265/optional 200 and 230) can set clamping pressure from the “Send” screen. During a cut cycle, hydraulic clamp pressure is activated. After increasing to the selected setting, it is maintained throughout each cycle. Hydraulic operation assures more power, less stock spoilage, less maintenance, and greater reliability. After a few minutes of inactivity, the Titan switches into an energy-conserving standby mode.


Standard equipment includes the finest Category 4 light curtain to monitor the cutter opening. These self-checking beams ensure the highest degree of safety for the operator.

dedicated push-out key moves stock forward, allowing the operator to turn or remove jobs without placing hands in the clamp and knife area. To assist in stock alignment and removal, a wooden jogging aid is supplied with each Titan cutter.

NOTE: An operator should never place hands under the clamp or knife. In addition to the rear plexiglas table cover, a slot closure device covers the table opening required for backgauge movement. Leading the industry again, the Titan cutters are UL, cUL, and CE Listed!


An advanced computer program monitors and diagnoses cutter operations. Sophisticated sensor arrays detect backgauge position and mechanical cutting sequences. If a problem is detected, the computer will shut down the machine, and display an error message to simplify troubleshooting.


  • Hydraulic Clamping and Cutting
  • Adjustable Clamp Pressure
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • 1 year warranty
  • Safety Devices
  • Memory Lockout
    – Light Beam
    – Mechanical knife safety latch
    – Two-Hand, monitored cut buttons
Corner Cutter Blade
The XT console (Titan 265 only) is a Windows-based 10.4” color touchscreen controller, giving you better visual cutting prompts and more job storage capabilities.   The XG console (Titan 265 only) offers menu - driven prompts, programmable clamp pressure and gives operator a graphical depiction of the job.
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