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VERSATILE PAPER FOLDING MACHINE! Easily manipulated unit allowing users to make as much as 6 types of folds. Pressure Bind 600 equipped with many useful features such as missing paper indicator, fine adjustment stops, etc. Pressure Fold 650 disposes of many additional functions like optional longitudinal perforation(also without folding), programmable counter of folded papers, increased collecting table, etc.

Paperbind™ Digi Fold

Digi Fold
Auto Adjustment 2 fold plates Speed adjustable Memory function Fully Automatic Paper Folder with upto 36 custom set-up plus memory function.

Paperbind™ Digital Pressure Crease 375 DUF

Pressure Crease pcduf-370a
The Digital Universal Folder (DUF) is an automatic folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital printer.

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