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World's 1st & the only Modular Fully automatic digital Slit, Cut, Crease & Fold ideal for medium & large digital print shops.
Extremely easy to use, fast, reliable, feature rich. Now Slit, Cut, Crease & Fold in one pass

Paperbind™ Digital Pressure Crease 375 SC

Pressure Crease 370 af
CREASE AND FOLD THE PAPER IN ONE PASS World's first modular design crease folder AUTO FEED + CREASE + FOLD + CONTROL PANEL UNITS Easy to use touch screen is fast, reliable,

Paperbind™ Digital Pressure Crease 335 SCC

Digital Pressure Crease 375 SCC
- Touch screen control
- Auto Feeding System Top Vaccum
- Seperator and Air Gate Knob
- Fully Programable slitter and cutter
- Stripbox to accept paper waste

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