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Published on: Oct 25 2012 by PaperBind
PressureLam is a full featured roll laminator available in 380MM & 685MM that is designed for commercial applications where both mounting and encapsulation are required. PressureLam is capable of laminating documents with films between 30-250 mic. in thickness and can handle mounting boards that are up to 3/16″ (6mm) thick. PressureLam offers easy to load supply shafts, take-up device and the ability handle 1″, 2.25″ and 3″ core laminating films. These features make the PressureLam one of the most versatile and feature rich roll laminators available on the market. With a set up time of a couple of minutes and a thru-put capability in excess of 800 fph extremely profitable productivity can be expected. While producing a superb finish and edge seal it is capable of speeds up to 4.5m/min.
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